A frequency is a terrible thing to waste


444.500 Repeater pl 167.9


1000 Weather Radio On
2000 Weather Radio Off
3000 DTMF Pad Test
4000 Time Of Day
5020 Short Message




Who are we

The W9MAR group is a informal non traditional (Club) group that is all about fun.  We meet on the Third Saturday of each month , see Breakfast Club for details

We also do impromptu meetings for coffee and rag chewing.   We work Field Day and the IRAU Contest.  We have even been known to throw an antenna party.

VE Exams

    Second Monday of each Month 7pm
    By Appointment only Phone 812-480-1266

   ( Leave Msg if no answer )

   VE's QTH,    1576 E. Morgan Ave.
   Evansville IN 47711
   contact Jim Turner, AB9JT at Area 812 480 1266


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